RCS Core Skills in Laparoscopic Surgery
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This interactive course will provide surgeons with the essential theoretical knowledge and practical experience of basic level laparoscopic surgery.

The course will take you from a complete beginner in laparoscopic surgery to someone who is able to suture and tie knots laparoscopically, as well as perform some of the key procedures in laparoscopic surgery, under the instruction of experienced and interested tutors.

Aimed at CT1-2, ST3-4 and SAS grades this course is an intensive practical skills course with plenty of opportunity to practice in the laboratory, using high-quality laparoscopic equipment on bench-top models specifically designed for the course.

Feedback and formative assessment is also provided to help each individual’s progress.

Course Content:

You will cover a wide variety of topics during this course, including:

  • setting up a stack;

  • access and closure;

  • grasping and manipulation;

  • cutting;
  • dissection and clipping;
  • 'Roeder' knot tying;
  • intracorporeal suturing;
  • repair of a perforated ulcer;
  • laparoscopic appendicectomy;
  • laparoscopic cholecystectomy;
  • needle handling and suturing OSATS;
  • continuous suturing.

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Course Length 2 Days
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  • £1,000.00 p/person