• £200.00 p/person

This event is aimed at Colorectal & Urogynaecological Consultants and Trainees

For professionals seeing and managing pelvic floor symptoms, the course offers limited delegate numbers for high preceptor ratio and close mentorship. The faculty combines Colorectal and Urogynaecology Specialists with appropriate focus for each delegate.

Following the successful training event held in Cardiff as part of The Pelvic Floor Society annual meeting in 2017, we have expanded & further developed this course to provide a comprehensive overview of the patient pathway and management guidelines, as well as practical demonstrations and simulations for conservative and surgical treatment options.

Up to date coverage of, and current evidence for

  • Assessment and investigation of pelvic floor symptoms (incl. incontinence)- focus on specialty differences and similarities (colorectal cf. urogynaecology)
  • Current evidence and controversies for treatment options
  • Challenges to developing a pelvic floor referral/ treatment service
  • Hands on workshop of surgical techniques to include
  • Endo-anal rectocele repair, anal sphincter repair (including delayed repair), SNS, posterior tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS), laparoscopic ventral mesh/sutured rectopexy

SpR/ training surgeons. The above topics, and additionally

  • The necessary information for FRCS (Gen. Surg.)
  • Skills simulation workshop with validated PBA for pelvic floor procedure within ISCP

This event is also open to Urogynaecologists, who may find it useful to understand the pathways and ongoing management for OASI patients in perineal trauma clinics, with options of practical sessions for anorectal manometry and endoanal USS.

This event is approved by the UK Pelvic Floor Society and CPD points have been applied for.

Day 1 to include:

  • What is FI?
  • Pathways for treatment
  • Investigation - ARM, EUS, DPG
  • What is biofeedback?
  • What can a pelvic floor nurse offer?
  • How does rectal irrigation work and when would you use it?
  • Overview of anal inserts
  • Injectables/bulking agents
  • Rectocele repair/intra-anal delormes
  • PTNS
  • SNS

Day 2 to include:

  • Dummies guide to ARP/ARM
  • Treatment options
  • OASI
  • Pyschological impact of OASI/QoL
  • Outcome measures
  • Perineal trauma clinics/management
  • Practical: Sphincter repair (primary & secondary repair) / Lap VMR / Sutured Rectoplexy / Sphinkeeper

Useful links:

Current Concepts in Pelvic Floor Management for Nurses Midwives, Allied Health Professional & GPs


“This was a jam packed course for practical sessions, loads of information. It had a great student:faculty ratio and I was able to be signed off for one of my PBAs for prolapse procedures.”

“I really enjoyed it, good value for money, friendly faculty and a great city to visit.”

"As a senior trainee I found this course extremely valuable for my pelvic floor practice. A consolidation session on ARP and how to interpret results along with hands on sessions for surgical techniques to help with the management of FI are things I haven’t found on a course anywhere else. The faculty were hands on, taking trainees through SNS, sphinkeeper and sphincter repairs, and were able to do simulated PBAs which helped towards CCT".

"Great course - I highly recommend it" 


The date for this course has passed or the course is not available. Please contact us for more information.

The date for this course has passed or the course is not available. Please contact us for more information.

  • Course Code: PF1
  • £200.00 p/person

The date for this course has passed or the course is not available. Please contact us for more information.