RCS Clinical Skills in Emergency Surgery
  • £850.00 p/person

This RCS course is run at WIMAT as 1 of only 2 regional centres currently offering this course.

Aimed at CT1-2 and ST1-ST3 and SAS equivalent, this three-day course allows surgical trainees who have completed basic surgical training to expand their skillset.

You will take part in a wide range of practical sessions to learn more advanced surgical techniques, focusing on the essential skills needed in emergency circumstances.

This course is mapped to the ISCP syllabus for General Surgery ST3/ST4 intermediate stage.

Course Content:
You will cover a variety of topics during this course, including:

  • Review of knot tying
  • Abdominal closure and principles of suturing
  • Bowel anastomosis, including size discrepancies, open access and use of clamps
  • Moderately difficult access - anterior/submucosal
  • Formation of stomas - double barrelled and end
  • Side to side and transverse anastomosis using stapling
  • Vascular – instruments review, mobilisation and control, plus control of bleeds (permanent and until help arrives)
  • Assessment: bowel anastomosis
  • Principles and safe use of energy sources
  • Laparoscopic: appendix simulations skills practice
  • How to manage an ulcer perforation
  • Take a look at a sample Clinical Skills in Emergency Surgery programme

Completing the advance online activities
Online activities will be available six weeks before the course begins.

Please ensure you have completed them in advance so that you can participate fully in all practical sessions.

For reference purposes, you will also be able to access the online modules for a year after the course.

Teaching ‘one safe way’
This course teaches ‘one safe way’ that trainees may use to safely perform each surgical procedure. 

Please note that these are not the only techniques, and that there are additional methods that are also suitable.

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Event Number 202324-1228-BE1104C003
Course Length 3 Days
Location WIMAT
Start Time 08:30:00 AM
Total Places 12
Places Available 12
Instructor WIMAT
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  • Course Code: Clinical Skills
  • £850.00 p/person