RCS Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCrISP)
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CCrISP is an interactive course that explores the skills and knowledge needed to look after surgical patients including those who are deteriorating or at risk of doing so. Expert faculty will help you develop practical, theoretical and personal skills so that you can assess and manage critical situations in a systematic way. 



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This course is suitable for: CT1-2 and SAS grades. Senior trainees are also welcome to attend a CCrISP course if they have not done so before.

Please note that FY trainees are not eligible to attend this course. The appropriate equivalent course for FY trainees is Systematic Training in Acute Illness Recognition and Treatment for Surgery (START Surgery)

As per RCS guidence: Our priority is to provide training for doctors working for the NHS. Due to demand and limited availability we are not accepting applications from doctors working overseas at the current time.  

As a training centre in Wales, we will prioritise places for Welsh trainees.


CCrISP combines a variety of teaching and learning techniques, such as simulated patient scenarios, case-based skill stations and demonstrations. You will be encouraged to share knowledge and experience with your peers throughout the course. This is an assessed course and a certificate of completion will be awarded to successful participants.

CCrISP is relevant to all specialties, however in-course examples are predominantly taken from general surgical patients.

Course content

You will participate in a variety of practical training sessions during the CCrISP course, including:
•Learning a system of assessment for the critically ill
•Understanding the subtlety and variety of critical illness presentation, alongside ways to improve its detection
•Understanding the importance of avoiding complications if possible
•Recognising the surgeon’s role in delivering multidisciplinary care to surgical patients
•Interacting with nursing staff, other surgeons, intensivists and anaesthetists
•Delivering the information and support that patients and their relatives require during  surgical care

Learning Outcomes

After attending this course, you should be able to:
•Adopt a structured, comprehensive approach to managing surgical patients
•Judge which patients are at most risk and plan to reduce their risk of adverse outcomes
•Recognise the deteriorating patient
•Model your non-operative technical skills in a safe environment

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Course Length 2 days
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  • Course Code: CCrISP
  • £750.00 p/person